History of the Project

Oloikarra Pefa Church was planted in the year 2007 under a tree this was after Mr. Chalse Ole Mailisho , The Late Mr. Masikonte Lempei and Mr. Kitanko Kisogi to donate their piece of land for the church, school and a centre where they can do their shopping.

Oloikarra is in the deep interior part of Kajiado inhabited mainly by the Maasai Community. It was not making sense for the children and the people Oloikarra to walk a distance of 30KM while accessing Church, Education and even the basic commodities and this is what prompted the three mzee to organize and donates there piece of land so that they have the same. This contributed to a number of the young Maasai Morans not going to school and even most did not or confess Jesus as there personal Saviour.

With the Help of Dr. Bishop William Sororonyi, Pefa church was planted under the tree.

In the year 2015, 8 years down the line, Compassion International discovered the need and the poverty that was affecting people of Oloikarra Community and decided to partner

with the Pefa Church Oloikarra to give rise to Pefa Oloikarra Child and Youth Development Centre that will ensure that the children are released from poverty in Jesus Name.To date we have witnessed what God has done in the life of the children at Oloikarra.